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Where can I get help?

If you need help with something not properly documented or needs clarification, you can visit the Issue Tracker. File a new issue and it'll be addressed on a spare time effort. Alternatively, visit the Discord Server to talk to other developers using Kahi UI.

What Browsers are supported?

Visit the Browser Support documentation for more information.

Can I use the library without Svelte?

Yes, however there is no official support to do so. Visit Releases and grab the .css distributable files, and read the library source code on how to do markup, progressive enhancements, etc.

Can I use the library on Browsers that don't support or have Javascript disabled?

Yes! The library is explictly made in mind that Svelte should be used to sprinkle extra functionality ontop of logic baked in HTML / CSS. If you find something not working properly, file an issue.

Is Accessibility / ARIA Supported?

While I want to implement full proper support, including keyboard navigation. It is currently not being pursued and will be tackled at a later date. However if you encounter something that'll be detrimental file an issue.